Lenovo X1-Carbon (G4) 14" i5 256GB Ultrabook

Nice laptop, professional styling with solid specs. I just literally got a new Lenovo consumer laptop last week or else I’d jump on this one. IMO, only thing missing is USB-C.

Solid specs for the price. Went for a higher end Kaby Lake XPS13 2 weeks ago. If this was to come sooner, I will go for this model.

I have a Yoga 900 that I like a lot. The keyboard is decent and the screen is great. There is one big caveat: Intel and Lenovo didn’t provide a driver for the RAID controller. No native Linux. Check the compatibility matrix before buying if that matters to you! (Also the compatibility matrix may be out of date).

It’s a single drive laptop. There is no RAID controller on it.

Bought this a few months ago, but gen 2 - same specs but with quad touchscreen and a refurb. Best laptop I have ever owned - much better than the XPS 13 and Asus Zenbook before it.