Lenovo X1 Yoga 14" Full-HD i7 Touch Convertible

I remember another comment saying that the keyboards on these (or maybe it was the Carbon) were unusable - are these the same ones?

I haven’t run across any comments about it being bad and I’ve been looking into the Yoga X1 for a while. I am typing this from a Carbon X1 (1st gen) – and don’t have any real problem with it’s keyboard. I have heard that the Yoga X1 keyboard has less travel (due to the design that lets the keys go in) – but I’ve not played with it myself. Ultimately, it sounds as if it’s worse than a classic Thinkpad, and perhaps worse than some top-of-the-line laptops (I believe I read the HP Spectre x360 might have had a nicer keyboard) – but I still would guess it’s above average.

The real challenge I have with this deal is that I tried pricing the exact same model on Lenovo’s website and can’t seem to get it more expensive than what it is here, so I can’t really sort out what the ‘deal’ is here.