Lenovo X131e 11.6" Intel Chromebook

Lenovo X131e 11.6" Intel Chromebook

Purchased on June 24, 2019, I was immediately greeted with a warning that this machine is too old for Chrome to support and updates are no longer available. Not a good sign but the fact that this machine only supports 802.11n wifi was a good warning indicator of the age of the hardware. A linux distro very well may be in this Chromebook’s future.

The Thinkpad aesthetic hearkens back to the good days of the old IBM laptop, which I enjoy very much.

At 11.6" the screen is very small and is overpowered by a very thick bezel. My previous Chromebook had a 14" screen so at first the size discrepancy was a shock but I have gotten used to the smaller screen.

The touchpad is the smallest I have ever used, therefore, it is a bit uncomfortable

The keyboard would probably deemed cheap by most, however, I like the somewhat mushy rounded-edge keys.

Small touches like the lit up “i” in Thinkpad (on both the keyboard and outer lid) are visually pleasing.

The battery life seems adequate. Just having booted this machine up around the Fourth of July holiday, I spend a good deal of time on it with one charge.

Overall, debatable if it is worth even the $104 I spent on it but not worth returning as it has enough redeeming features to keep it.