Lenovo X230 12.5" 120GB ThinkPad

ancient models… but good for… can’t think of anything…

I have an x220 and it’s my favorite laptop. I just wish it had a higher res screen. But this computer is probably 6 years old so…

Anecdotal but I’ve had the unfortunate luck to have to support these models… Ours had maxed out the memory and were on SSD’s. They were problematic, battery life issues, and overall were slow as heck as compared to some of Lenovo’s other models.

Plugging into your monitor using VGA (without a dongle)?

Door Stop? Boat Anchor?

Too thin (and slippery) to be a doorstop; too light to be a boat anchor.

I purchased a Lenovo ThinkPad (different model) off Woot several years ago. I use it daily at work and it’s fine for what I do with it.

I’d like to caution anyone buying one of these about my early experience with mine. About 11 months after I bought it I had a warranty issue. I then discovered that the 1-yr warranty began when the Woot reseller bought it from Lenovo, NOT when I bought it off Woot. Lenovo initially would not repair it under warranty and even said that Woot is not an authorized reseller of their products. My 1-yr warranty had already expired after I had owned it 11 months.

After MANY phone calls and emails to various places Lenovo finally agreed to extend the warranty to cover the repair. It was a major hassle. Buyer beware.

does it(x230t) include Battery and Pen?

Yes, laptop/tablet batteries are included.

The tablet comes with a pen.

I will say, my X200 that I bought in late 2009 is still alive and kicking. It was my primary computer for the first six years of its life and I used it constantly, as I took notes for class in both undergrad and grad school on it using the tablet function and OneNote instead of taking notes on paper. I’ve had to replace the battery twice, but at almost ten years old it still works better than some laptops I’ve worked with that are only two or three years old. These were solid, well-built computers. I don’t know that I would buy one now given how much my needs have changed since undergrad, but if you know any students who could use a sturdy workhorse for classes, this one is great.