Lenovo Yoga 11.6" Touchscreen Ultrabook

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Lenovo Yoga 11.6" Touchscreen Ultrabook
Price: $399.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 Business Days. (Thursday, Mar 09 to Tuesday, Mar 14) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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2/22/2017 - $399.99 (Woot Plus)

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Aside from the tiny screen, which is not too conducive to a boomer’s eyesight, this looks to be a lot of machine for under $400. And it is a factory refurb unit. Very nice price.

I’m looking forward to all the apples to oranges comments comparing this to a Chromebook…

Be very, very careful with your warranty start date on this. I bought a Lenovo ThinkPad last year that came with a 1-yr warranty. I had a problem with it 11 months later and needed a warranty repair. Come to find out, the warranty date began when the vendor on Woot purchased it from Lenovo, NOT when I bought it from Woot. I only had a 10-month warranty.
It took many emails and phone calls to straighten things out but Lenovo customer service eventually granted me the correct warranty expiration date. I was told by Lenovo that Woot is not an authorized seller of their products, thus the headache with trying to get this resolved. It was a major hassle. Buyer beware.

11 inch Laptop with Touchscreen,
the picture quality is obscene.
Last one purchased 2 hours ago,
they must be selling kinda slow.
They do not include caffeine.

When you get it you can immediately check the warranty status on their website. They will have warranty extensions available for purchase. If the date is wrong then you can contact them. I found a single form to fill out and attach a proof of purchase and my date was changed next day.
Here is the link

Bought one from here about two weeks ago to give me a Windows 10 machine to play with (mostly a Mac/Linux user). It’s not fast, but the combo of 8gb, decent screen, light weight, and convertible tablet is pretty good.

It does have a lot of Lenovo crapware and the mouse drivers seem laggy/not-so-good, and the touchscreen, while having excellent viewing angles and fullHD (1080p) resolution, does have some backlight bleeding near the edges.

Battery life has been fine (plenty enough for an evening and more), but I haven’t really been stressing it.

I bought it because it seemed good in comparison to the Thinkpad 11e’s that keep showing up here and tempting me, and I’m satisfied so far. (The 11e’s end up at the same price if you upgrade the memory and storage.)

My only substantive complaint is with the touchpad and its associated drivers. I’m so used to the high quality touchpads in MacBooks that I’m a bit spoiled.

I checked my warranty and I’ve got somewhere around 310 days left.

i’ve seen editions of this model that have backlit keys.

Does this one?

I’m thinking after some research this this is Lenova model # 80QE004YUS

I have been eyeballing a laptop like this for a short while. I want something smaller for my coffee table laptop.
It looks like this is the same (but I’m not 100%) laptop Costco sells new (with a 2 or 4 year warranty) for $469.

Looks the same to me. $70 more for the Newness and Costco returnability. Worth it to me.

470 + 37tax + 50 (Costco Membership) = 557

I assume nobody is paying for a Costco membership just to buy this machine, so I think it’s disingenuous to add that to the cost of the product. And you will pay the same tax from Woot and Costco. Costco shipping is $10 more, so at the end of the day the price difference is about $80.

How am I a Costco fanboy? I’m shopping for a laptop, and found the same or similar one there and just pointed it out. You are free to buy what you want where you want.

Mine is an 80KE004YUS and does not have backlit keys.