Lenovo Yoga 11.6" Touchscreen Ultrabook

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Lenovo Yoga 11.6" Touchscreen Ultrabook
Price: $369.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 Business Days. (Wednesday, May 24 to Monday, May 29) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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Does anyone know if the SDRAM memory is socketed and expandable in this model? Or is it permanently soldered to the system board (non-expandable)?

According to an answered question on this Lenovo webpage, the memory is soldered in and not expandable.

Be very, very careful with your warranty start date on this. I bought a Lenovo ThinkPad 11e last year that came with a 1-yr warranty. I had a problem with it 11 months later and needed a warranty repair. Come to find out, the warranty date began when the vendor on Woot purchased it from Lenovo, NOT when I bought it from Woot. I only had a 10-month warranty.

It gets better. Lenovo said they would adjust the warranty start/stop dates if I would provide them with a proof of purchase. The package I received from Woot did not include any paperwork. When I contacted them they said if I wanted a proof of purchase I had to print off my order details online. I did and Lenovo said that was not a valid proof of purchase.

It took many emails and phone calls to straighten things out but Lenovo customer service eventually granted me the correct warranty expiration date. I was told by Lenovo that Woot is not an authorized seller of their products, thus the headache with trying to get this resolved. It was a major hassle. Buyer beware.

Be careful with Lenovo. They are a very poorly managed company. I bought a Lenovo laptop for my company and had issues with it and the customer service was horrible. I sent it back and bought a Dell.

Bravo woot- this is actually a nice deal. A well balanced ultrabook, good specs & great features at a good price. If I didn’t already own far too many computers, I would definitely snatch up. These are the kind of deals I want to see at woot- not some crappy AMD e-class processors with 1366x768 resolution (like yesterday’s deal). No I’m not an AMD hater, just hate their low power processors.

So this is common in the retail industry. When WalMart buys a batch of computers from the manufacturer, the warranty is set to the day that they purchased it. Registering your computer should reset the warranty date. If you ever have any issues, please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.

Is this keyboard a backlit keyboard?

This is not a backlit keyboard.

I did use the Woot customer service form. That’s when Woot told me if I wanted a proof of purchase I had to go online and print out my order details, which Lenovo said was not acceptable. It was a major hassle, which could have been partially made better if Woot had simply included a receipt when they shipped the ThinkPad to me, as all other online merchants do whenever I buy something online.

I’m sorry for the hassle. It’s true that we don’t include receipts. We ship from many places and some don’t want them for gifts. We don’t have a gifts setting.

printing off the receipt online worked for me. The lenovo rep didn’t bat an eye.