Lenovo Yoga 12" Full-HD Intel 128G Convertible

Model number?
and does it come with the wacom stylus?

How about we get in the habit of including model numbers with everything we can - so all computer systems.

I’ll ask about the model number.

FWIW, on refurbished & factory reconditioned, we can’t list a model number because the lot may have a variety of models brought to the same specs.

On New, we sometimes can’t because we’re selling lower than our competition. The vendor asks us to not put the model number in the sale for this reason (i.e. internet searches). It’s kinda like when we can’t state a manufacturer for some items.

SO, stylus? shown in photo listed has digitizer - doesn’t say stylus as part of box contents.

ALSO - did the price go up? I thought this was cheaper but I was looking at a couple laptops and busy at the time. So I have the impression yet uncertainty of fact of this being cheaper when I was looking earlier.


Asked about the stylus as well.

Price hasn’t changed since it went live.

For what it’s worth - I bought the upgrade version of this laptop with 8gb ram, i5-5300, SSD, Wacom stylus, etc. with 2 year warranty on eBay for $600 about 3 months ago.

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