Lenovo Yoga 13" QHD+ Intel i7 256GB Touch Laptop

Maybe I haven’t had enough coffee yet this morning (still working on the second cup) but … why is it that the two Yoga 900’s here look identical to each other with the exception that one is $30 more?

Uh … never mind I guess, looks like someone changed the lineup. Shoulda bought the $30 cheaper one while it was still up. :frowning:

We’re trying to figure it out ourselves and hid one in the meantime.

Okay glad to hear that I haven’t stripped another gear. Not sure I have that many left. :wink:

Probably going to wind up getting one - this is a pretty good deal from what I can see. I spent just about the same last week for a retail Yoga 720-13 for the wife with lower specs all the way around.