Lenovo Yoga 13" QHD+ Intel i7 256GB Touch Laptop

I heart this computer. I bought it new at this same price during a best buy sale the week leading up to Thanksgiving, I’m guessing you’ll be able to find something similar round that time this year. Wouldn’t pay the same price for a factory reconditioned one a year a later. Now it’s 2 iterations behind in the yoga releases. Still, love this computer, except the keyboards a bit difficult to get used to.

Can somebody help me out here, I think I’ve gone cross-eyed…
What’s the difference between the two Yoga 900 deals? Both appear to be the exact same computer, identical specs, both factory reconditioned… but one is $50 more than the other.
What gives?

Nope, they have the same specs. I would actually suggest the cheaper model… the 14" with i5. It has discrete graphics and a newer processor, with the same 2.5GHz capability. (Some other minor differences, but 14" sounds like a better deal to me.)

Yeah, booboo on our part. Same item, different vendors. We’ve taken down the higher priced item.

Is this laptop memory can be upgraded to 16GB?

This has onboard memory which means it’s soldered to the motherboard.