Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 10.1" 16GB

Beware people. Beware. I don’t know that I have this one, but the Lenovo Yoga Tab I have (I think it’s a smaller one) is just not good. Not good at all. Brand new it’s slower than dog stuff, crashes a lot, has an old Android version, battery runs out way too fast for having that heavy big ass battery … yeah, Just, not good.

And Lenovo Support? Absolute garbage. If you log an issue you get an email response that gives you completely irrelevant guidance. In my case, ‘have updated with these Windows drivers?’ Seriously. That was their response. You respond back and get more useless garbage.

The form factor is really cool. A built-in, hangable stand? cool stuff.

Buyer beware guys!!!

This is literally $10 cheaper with double the ram direct from Lenovo. Don’t get ripped off. https://www.lenovo.com/us/en/tablets/android-tablets/yoga-tab-3-series/Yoga-Tab-3-10/p/ZZITZTBYT2F