Lentek Single Bottle Wine Cooler


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Yay Woot!

This thing goes for $60 at the home depot! Good deal W00t…infact, I have a couple bottles of wine on the way in the mail.



http://www.billflu.com/gallery/ [size=18:1885ab251a]<–Check it out[/size:1885ab251a]

Lentek Single Bottle Wine Cooler
And thank you for your support
[size=18:1885ab251a]$29.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling[/size:1885ab251a]
No, this isn’t the kind of wine cooler that made Bartles & Jaymes famous. It’s a cylindrical countertop gadget that keeps one bottle of wine chilled to your preference. At last, here’s an answer to that eternal February question: what can I get my white-wine-drinking, Woot!-surfing, non-refrigerator-owning lover for Valentine’s Day? All three of you need look no further. Nobody can ever accuse Woot! of pandering to the majority.

At the pulsing heart of this unit throbs the much-vaunted “Peltier Technology,” which we are told consists of “an electric current passing through a thermocouple of two dissimilar metals joined in two places. Heat is absorbed at the cold junction and dissipated at the hot junction. The cold junction can be mounted in the chamber to be cooled.” Keep that in mind while you’re nuzzling that perfectly chilled bottle of Strawberry Hill.


* Peltier Technology allows for temperature control and mastery over the awesome forces of weather
* Constant cooling ensures a perfect glass of wine
* Removable air filter
* Energy efficient and quiet, like a ninja
* AC power supply
* Brushed Chrome finish goes with most any decor, as long as you live in an institutional kitchen
* New, retail box
* One year warranty


thanks, just what i needed!

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[size=24:a6f54ac4ef][color=red:a6f54ac4ef]MORE DECENT WOOTS IN THE BOX. PLEASEEEEEEEE.[/color][/size:a6f54ac4ef]


Another bag of crap please? (Hi Mom!)


Peltier technology…
I’ll take 6.


stand up sink salad







er… pg1?


Just what I needed - NOT :cry:
I stayed up till midnight for this?? Bring back the cubicle door, at least I laughed! :twisted:


winos, rejoice.
now we have something to keep our wines cool instead of putting them er, uhm, outdoors.

And nothing says Valentine’s like a handfull of roofies…




how bout a salad shooter and a bread maker? :evil:


:smiley: :smiley: first page?




WOOT! There it is…You can’t stop me like rust, so if I feel disgust, you’ll feel the thrust, of bullets that I bust…




Wonder if it will fit a bottle of local microbrew? :roll: