Lentek Wine Genie Bottle Opener


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Lentek Wine Genie Bottle Opener
“Open!” says-a me
$14.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling

The remarkable march of human innovation continues to steadily erase all traces of romance or sensuality from everyday life. This sorta-effort-saving device turns the magical, tantalizing act of opening a bottle of wine into just another ho-hum push of a button. Maybe next they’ll come up with a machine to drink the wine for you, too, you shiftless cretin.

Instant automatic and push-button (what language was this translated from?)
Operates with one replaceable cartridge
Good for 80 bottle openings, or a typical weekend in a single Florida State dorm room
Specially designed foil cutter saves wear and tear on fingernails, teeth
Looks like something other than a bottle opener, but then our minds tend to wander sometimes

same pic as Woot-off item #5a


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Ah. I think we have reached the “give the w00ties the rest of the night off” Item. I note the enthusiasm with which it is presented :shock: :roll: and in particular the careful attention to detail in this very posting:

“Welcome to the Woot-off item #XX topic page for this product …”

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Which makes me wonder… WOOT has the most amazing prices… so I am wondering… either they are dumpster diving and “finding” these “abandonded” items … or someone knows someone who knows someone who knows where these items fell off a truck :wink:

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