Les Despicables

Congrats Oakenspirit!

I never imagined a Les Mis reference could make me laugh. So thanks Oakenspirit! Also, without the usual minion coloring, this might be reverse jaundice.


Anne Hathaway is looking rough…

Tres bien, mon ami. C’est magnificent!

i’m sure he sounds better than russell crowe

“Look down, look down, don’t look them in the eye!”

nice goods

Congrats Travis! Well deserved.

Para Mi! Para Mi! Para Mi!

This shirt is so mine!


Congrats oakey! This is one perfect mashup, I had to vote despite never seeing Despicable Me or Les Miserables. It’s just that right. :stuck_out_tongue:

Minion of the house.

!!! Thanks so much everyone!

This shirt felt special to me since I randomly giggled like a school girl while drawing it- I will now invoke the giggle test more often.


I love this shirt! One question though… If I wear it, do I have to sing the entire day?

Congratulations! I know so many people who will enjoy this shirt, myself included. The giggle test of quality is the best!


Why no kids sizes? My five year old would love this!!!