LeSportsac Handbags

I’ve used a LeSportsac 7507-D132 Deluxe Everyday Bag in a different pattern and it’s held up great. I like that it can expand (and mine came with a matching pattern inside pouch too you can use together or separately). I think I purchased my first at TJMAXX/Marshalls/ROSS but not for more than $5 less than the current price on this offering. Good price, and sturdy item if you like the pattern on it.

I also have a version of the LeSportsac 7185-D129 Large Weekender (I think they came in different sizes so I have one of these), good for overnight or weekend trips, also comes with matching accessory pouch in the coordinated pattern.

I am a big LeSportsac fan too. I got my small over shoulder bag at Nordstrom Rack and I LOVE IT. Their bags are lightweight but strong and well made, and they wash up great. I spilled a mocha INSIDE my purse and it came out of the washer like new. Can’t say the same for my wallet…

These are good prices too compared to Nordstrom rack.

I have a small LeSportsac bag that I use daily. I’ve had it for over a year and it looks like the day I bought it. It’s held up well and has several pockets. Most importantly, it’s SUPER cute!

Wish the photos were clear. Very blurry. :frowning:

I’ve got your LeSportsac hanging, brah.

(It’s hanging in the closet.)