Lestrades Moustache Pomade

Mario would be jealous of their face fuzz

Dude, I’m glad this site is actually up. What happened last night?

Hahahahha, this thing hilarious!!!

eek! eek!

I’m really digging the handlebar moustache & monocle combination.

Is this how the woot monkeys dress up when not in their work clothes?

wow…je t’adore mad monkey shirt, especially at the ne’er a farthing more price.


this shirt makes me hungry for some reason…

for potato crisps…

It probably works the same way grass holds sod down during flooding. No stiff lip required with an anchor of this magnitude.

What species of monkey is that?

Sad thing is, I would have known this in elementary school. Used to be an animal nut… now I’m just a nut.

who needs lips when you can smile with your mustache?

Hmmm…interesting that the shirt is a mix of english/french but the monkey is based on the Emperor Tamarin. They are supposedly named “Emperor” for their resemblance to the German emperor Wilhelm II.

Maybe I’m just splitting hairs? :slight_smile:

Just watched something about these Tamarins earlier today on PBS. The fantastic thing - they really do stick their tongues out like that. They usually have two infants at a time, and the mothers (who also have moustaches), will stick out their tongues in order to signal different males in the group to act as baby-sitters.

This pomade needs a warning, as I am quite certain one could put an eye out with such ‘sharp’ moustaches!

I need to pay more attention. I was trying to figure out what kind of animals those were. I was thinking more along the lines of guinea pigs.

Are these the kind of monkey from Outbreak?


Nice print!

According to sokowa the monkey on the left would be a villain.

Monkeys + Handlebar Mustache + Monocle = WOOTED