Let's Do This!

This design is a-ok.

Are you sure? In the Mirror it looks sort of WP to me. What are you playing at? Someone someplace is going to be offended.

LOL. You beat me to the posting.

SJW’s are not going to like this.

Stephen Miller just ordered two.

If this is to balance out the scales after the “anyone else 2020” shirt, I choose to not buy the shirt but also choose to not be offended. I think, however, the intent of the design is much more innocent and is just a cute picture. Congrats on the print!

I didn’t look, I swear! :slight_smile:

I’m sure this shirt is meant as just what it appears to be and totally innocent.

The problem is that in our society today, there are people looking to be offended by anything and go to ridiculous lengths to make claims.

As long as they can label people as racist, sexist or worse without a shred of proof, they make their flat-line lives a bit better.

I hope the artist sells a ton of these.

I’m confused. Why does a hand have hands?

Terrible design. Shirt woot had quality concepts in the past and not looks like grade kids are putting these together. Hire an art director or close the shirt tab on woot.

I think it’s a very cute design with nice bold shirt graphics. I looked up SJW that another poster joked about, so I guess I get that, but what does WP stand for in the prior comment? I googled and I’m sure no Wash. Post or Wikipedia… Does this mean I’m too old…?
Anyhoo, sometimes I make this okay sign and a deaf friend laughed and let me know that it’s a relaxed F sign which is abbreviation for the F word in ASL. She knew what I meant when I did it, but now I think of that whenever I do OK.

You’re funny. The stretch to be offended by this would detach your hands. I have a friend who gets a kick out of fake outrage on forums. He’s a pseudo-troll; his trick is to use all caps and mention Hitler at nausea. Try that next time for more clarity. :wink: