Let's Get it Arted in Here!



Floam fans, it doesn’t get much more inexpensive than this. Let’s hear some reviews on all this art gear!


As an artist and former cashier/stock boy in an art supply store, I wouldn’t recommend the Art 101 142-Piece Artist Kit for any finalized work. I could see it being used for early sketches or getting ideas down on paper quickly. That, or you know, as a gift for a child. The quality of the art supplies just isn’t there.

The pastels and crayons feel too waxy, like the crayons at restaurants. The scissors don’t usually cut well. The eraser is basically the same eraser on the end of those cheap pencils you hated as a kid. They smudge and smear, rather than erase. The markers dry out quickly even with the caps on when they’re not in use.

I suppose it isn’t too bad for the price though. Quick Xmas gift material but only for the young’ins in your life.

Comparable sets are $20 and up at Amazon.