Let's Get Pumped!

I like it. A life coach you can wear on your chest.

Yay healthy heart!

I “heart” this shirt.

That’s adorable! I’m in for one. :slight_smile:

For the muscle men, and women; the tank would be a perfect thing to wear to the gym.

That is the cutest, happiest, damn heart I have ever seen. So sold me.

A BOC and a quality post all in one night? My woot-ness score has increased a ton tonight!

Hooray! I’m pumped!

I’d get one but they don’t have 6XL

Dagnammit. As soon as I read your post, I realized where the B-O-C was. I checked all the sites exactly at 10PM PT (midnight Woot time), and noticed the “Basics (Of Course)” plus deal and just glossed over it! My brain jumped back and made the too-late connection immediately after seeing your post.

Oh well, it just means I don’t deserve it.

At first glance this looked like the “Kool Aid Man”

I’m in for one kids-size for my little CHD open-heart-surgery survivor! This design couldn’t be more perfect! (Someone should donate a bundle of these to a kids cardiology hospital unit or fundraising team - for those with a little extra heart pride!)

Great tank for Zumba! Now I wish there were more tank-tops from woot!

Love your heart and it will love you back.

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Perfect shirt for a half marathon my daughter and I will be ‘jogging’ in. Proceeds go to cardiac patients in our local hospital.

Does this come in a stomach version?

Ve are going to PUMP clap YOU UP!

Having a mild-to-strong case of cardiophobia, this shirt actually makes me fairly uncomfortable.

That and the fact that it only comes in blue deters me from a shirt I normally would have totally bought.

Despite my fear of hearts, this shirt is way too adorable.

It doesn’t truly matter…but wouldn’t the tank top be less material even though it costs more?