Let's Getaway

Looking good, Carmen!

to San Diego perhaps…

Does anyone remember the TV game show?

And I still don’t understand why the contestants were called “gumshoes”.

It’s slang for detective from the early 1900s.

Cool vibes ; )

Out Run, one of my favorite quarter-eaters, released in 1986, crossed with Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego, first released as a video game in 1985.

The items on woot today aren’t the best. Shit woot today?

That’s subjective. Some people may quite like some or all of the items.

Where in the World could I wear this?

Outrun featured a Ferrari 512 TR Spyder, not a Lamborghini Countach. I can definitely see the inspiration in this shirt though

Are we just not going to talk about the fact that “getaway” is a noun, not a verb?

Thank you for not disappointing me, fellow Wooters who got and augmented the WITWICS reference.

No, no we’re not. Because see above.

Shirt color options other than black or grey would be appreciated.

Awesome shirt! Makes me wish I had something witty to say. Sadly, I do not.

I just wore my shirt today! My fiance’ surprised me with this shirt last year for when he took me out of town for a weekend…I have a Tesla Model 3 (not quite this design ha) on reserve… planning on RED & do have red raincoat…and my fave game years ago was Carmen Sandiego … ties in right?