Let's Talk About Text, Baby

So, when are these shipping?

Wait! Who approved these text designs.

Son & I prefer text & humorous shirts. What about you?

They ship AUGUST 1st.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Under shipping info it has “shipping blurb”

Strike! may be my new favorite shirt; just woke up the household laughing at it. Text + pun shirts high on the list for me too. They’re Watching amuses me terribly every time I run across mine.

Where? I’m not seeing that.


My first response, too. I got one in a Random and it totally became a favorite. Even wore it on Thursday to The Dark Knight Rises. (I improvised, OK?)

Apparently woot bought one meeeeelion black aprons and a dozen red aprons, all of which are now in the possession of Ocho’s mom. :)

(In other words, I’m really disappointed that ApeLad’s “Bacon” design isn’t being offered as an apron!)

I get to order The Choice Was Not Hard!!!

So happy to have the Going Bananas shirt back! I got it on the first run and I loved-loved-loved it, but spilled grease on it and ruined it. I’ll need to buy one plus a back-up this week.

Is this another inspired by Arrested Development shirt? I’ll probably give in and buy.

Oh man, the first woot plus side sale to make a dent in my wallet. Luckily I guess, can’t afford 4+ shirts a week very often!

I hadn’t watched Arrested Development when “Always leave a note” was first printed. Since then, I’ve watched the entire series and regretted not buying that one!

Not sure why the Apathy Coalition from Boots wasn’t offered as it’s very similar in nature to the Strike one, but Boots gets my money anyways with “not a hard choice.”

Also, did the tote price go up?? I thought they were $10.

The price went up back in January (I think). Please also note that we’ve change our blanks to Anvil. The women’s shirt run larger so be sure to check the size charts.


I have literally been waiting for years for another chance to buy The Choice Was Not Hard. I cannot believe that I didn’t buy it before it got reckoned. Thank you thank you thank you thankyou thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou woot!

I haven’t seen a shirt I wanted since all the changes in production with Anvil tees and side sales and new options like hoodies and totes. I’ve heard there are some quality issues so I hope this prints well.

Aww, yeah! I finally get to own BATS!! I do wish it’d been offered on a unisex tank, though. Ohmygods it would have rocked so hard on a tank!! I’d have bought four for rotation, rather than just the one tshirt. The unisex tanks are so comfortable and awesome-fitting and made in America and such soft, lovely cotton! Why do you not pick designs according to my very particular tastes for printing on the tanks? Why only designs that I do not wa**nt? Whyyyy??! Oh, man, like Going Bananas and Strike! and Edgar’s science mouse on tanks would have been must-buys, too. MOAR DESIGNS-GOLDENTHORN-LIKES ON TANKS PLZ. Summer’s gearing down and I don’t wanna wait 'til next year. Whine whinge whine whinge whiiiiiiiiine…

I’m thrilled I get to order a backup (at least) - I’ll no longer be scared to wear it.

I may also have to pick up Strike!