Let's Talk About Text, Baby

For the rest of the text blocked by the apron on the meatiest apron ever .

I hope a heavier weight hoodie of Formula for Success will be printed in a side sale this fall/winter.

Seriously, more colors. I know we all like to live in a cave surrounded my laptops & pcs; pretending we are jacked into the ‘Matrix’. But I’m a lady - most times; and I’d love more of the tanks in colors other than grey, black, & blue.
Especially the ‘The Formula for Success Unisex Tank Top’.

Is the title of this event related to the Salt-N-Pepa song by chance?

I reeeaaallllyyy wanted that wall outlet shirt as a tank top :frowning: le sigh.

Спутник, я люблю это!

Guess I still have to wait for this one:



Word Problem

Bats? I finally get to order bats? Fantastic!
And I might have to order a back up now of this one. :slight_smile:


By agrant311 at 2008-07-21

I really love these events. I love that there are more options. IE tanks, totes, aprons, mugs etc.

But the aprons themselves… they are tiny compared to a standard apron. They look great, are funny/cute/interesting but are just not practical for real use. (For reference I’m 5’10, hubby is 6’4.)

Would love to see bigger, more usable aprons.


A few months ago there were long sleeve t-shirts in the side sales, will you ever include them again?

Why are these shirts not on sale for the woot-off too???

after september they should replace tanks with long sleeves.

Just realized I hadn’t checked the side sale, then I saw and was delighted that there was the long awaited return of BATS!


Haven’t seen the lady’s Tanktop in a while, Woot…would looove if you could bring some of those in. I’m madly in love with the ones I already got and desperately want more.

I am sorely tempted by Bats…if it’s an inside joke I don’t get it. Bats are just awesome.

can i get the guide to meat on a tee?

I agree whole-heartedly! I purchased the Bake it So apron and I wanted Makin’ Bread, but I didn’t go for the latter because the apron is so small that I only use it to look cute after the real work is over. I need functionality (like my Ritz Kitchenwares Cat’s Pajamas apron) to add to my collection.

Anyone else think that the “42” should be a towel instead of a tote?

Anybody have an idea on the brand of the hoodie blanks?

Really disappointed that the Cthulhu ‘Kiss the great old one’ design is not an apron. I would totally buy that in a heart beat and wear it every time I BBQ.

Just wore my BATS! shirt to a concert. My brother was styling in expensive shirt and shorts, and I was rocking khaki shorts, sandals and BATS! Guess who got more attention. It is an absolute magnet, and I am glad it is back on sale, I will buy before the sale is over, and also pick up Edgar’s print, since mine died long time ago.

Best side sale yet, IMHO.