Let it Tea...

A fine shirt in it’s own right, too bad I truly HATE the beatles.

Alright, tourists are starting to show up…

Trying not to get run over…

While everyone is driving on the wrong side of the road…

I second the motion.


scumbag steve? Says he’ll name the beatles, leaves names out of the picture.

Agreed. I love the shirt otherwise, but why couldn’t it be on any other color? I can’t wear gray.

Such a clean, crisp, wearable design. Textbook Walmazan.

Congrats on the print! :^)

I needed a new Tea shirt.

I was hoping to see this one print. Yay, Wences!

HOWDY! You realize 3 in 5 on this site will say “Who is Minnie Pearl?”

Nice!!! Big congrats Wences!!!

Is this editors’ choice or does that not apply for double-takes? It normally says ‘2nd place, editors’ choice,’ but this one says ‘2nd place, with ### votes.’

The problem is nobody is going to get this without the catch phrase we have posted next to it. Teacups walking through a crosswalk with random bushes in the background did, in no way, remind me of the Beatles Abbey Road photo.

Really? Another gray shirt? Is Woot forever depressed or what?

Get to steppin’ with some POP, Woot, you old can of pork 'n beans.

(The think tank at Woot = boring gray. Hey, how about gray? Let’s do this in gray! Gray today? M’kay, gray! Gray to stay! Me loves me some gray! Gray, grey, no matter how ya spell it…gray cray!)

Admit it Woot, you’ve gone all gray cray cray.

Oh yippe, another GRAY tshirt because I don’t want color to take away from my awesome sauce self.

Ohhh pretty gray. Striking, vivid gray. Bold gray. Shocking gray. Hot gray. Neon gray. Technicolor gray.
Groovalicious gray. Give-it-to-me-NOW gray. Sizzling gray. Rainbowlicious gray. Dazzling gray. Fierce gray. Epic gray. Ice, ice gray. Vibrant gray. Fruitateria gray. Pumping gray. Blinding gray.
SeXXXy gray. Scandalous gray.

Yep, Woot, you’re gray cray cray.

When I initially saw this t, I immediately knew it was the infamous Abbey Road photo. Guess that just makes me old, sigh. I too am not a Beatles fan, but a tea drinker, but could never find myself wearing this design…

Please, tell us how you really feel.

Gray shirts are waaaay cooler than black or white tees.

And come on, Woot! The shirt color should have been called Maxwell’s Silver Hammer!!!

If the faux song titles were on the back of the shirt, I’d totally buy it!

I immediately recognized it as well, and I’m somewhat less than old (at least in terms of the Beatles). Then again, four of anything crossing a road from that angle makes me think of Abbey Road, so…

It seems that for Double Take Derbies, the first three shirts will remain determined by votes, since the rest of the week will be Editor’s Choice(s), anyway.