Let’s Curdle

What a cheesy shirt.

Congrats marzipanapple! Always nice to see derby entrants getting dailies.

Small or large curd? Quite frankly I find large curd disgusting.

I knew this was coming soon! I heard it from a little lemon.

A little asparagus and you’ve got some Hollindase action, baby!

This shirt screams “Don’t wear me in public”

There is chocolate milk, strawberry milk and banana milk, but much like Romeo and Juliet, lemon milk can never be.

That is pretty funny, but totally stupid at the same time.

I bet if they reproduce, their offspring will be on the back of that milk carton real soon!

new ending to the story… “and the milk ran away with the lemon.”

To think of all the bacteria is takes to do all that curdling, no thank you! Gives me the willies.

Wait, is that a lemon? Since when do lemons curdle? Do you have to squeeze the lemon into the milk to make lemon milk and let that curdle?

Hey you two, get a room.

I’m a sucker. In for one.

Oh boy, I hope things don’t turn sour for their relationship.

The heart has put me on the fence here. On one side, it makes it all the more wonderful, on the other hand, it makes it look more feminine/kiddish.

The only thing curdling here is my blood! Zing!

aw puddin’…a very non sour laugh : )

yeah, curdlin’s all they can do with hands being the only appendages available! it’s like i always say, when life gives you lemons, don’t cry over spilled milk… >=b