Let’s Get Kraken

Somebody get Peter Jackson on the phone to make this movie.

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I thought the Kraken was a squid

The monster is a nice Nikelodeon Orange.

Is the building supposed to be what’s cracking? I just don’t understand this shirt. Someone please explain it to me.

King Kalamari?

Think fast, it’s a pun alert!

There’s something fishy about this shirt!

wished for a random sale… this is certainly random but not what i wished for Genie!

The reason people think he’s there: to take over all of New York, cover it in ink, and make us all his human slave worshipers.

The real reason he’s up there: Protesting the lack of funding for the C.A.A.O. or Cephalopod Amputee Awareness Organization.

So many thoughts…swinging somewhere between nicely cartoony color, is that too far to go on a first date and gee, cousin Kraken there looks a little acrophobic.

Preventing the inevitable octopi-octopuses-octopodes discussion:

What makes this a Kraken rather than just your garden variety giant octopus?

Well at least it’s not another zombie shirt

What must be [link=Release the Kraken! - YouTube]done[/link]?

I think it’s a play on the classic King Kong climbing the Empire State Building motif.

he just thought the Empire State Building needed a hug.

I found a really good Kraken recipe.

Armed with my trusty Game Boy Advance, I distinctly remember fighting Kraken in Golden Sun, except that it was purple. (The thought of more than one Kraken makes me quiver.) Hell, I remember becoming so frustrated at trying to beat this damn thing. If it could talk, it would’ve said, “Hey man, here’s your ass back.”

Uh Oh i hope Kraken knows what he is doing encroaching on King Kong’s territory like that. This might develop into a Money Vs Squid war, if that were a possibility.

That answers the question where baby eight story appartment buildings come from.