Let The Cookie Win


*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

Once you get your shirt, why don’t you post a pic?

What a tasty treat. Missed seeing this in the voting.

Ahh the Wookie Cookie. Congrats!

mmm cookies

grats twallis.

I was hoping for much more with the EC’s.

i don t get it …

i don’t get it…

Sound advice!

Genius. Big fan of cookies too, although clearly peanut butter ones take the cake.

i dont get it…

i don’t get it…

Don’t think many people will get this one right off the bat, unless you really look at it but even then they won’t understand. Don’t think this resembles a wookie really at all. Oh well, good title though.

The only thing this has is the rhyming title, other than that its too random and makes no sense. Plus there isn’t anything on the design that the cookie COULD win, unless those people in the background are deciding against eating the cookie. The cookies could have been playing that game, but they are just sitting on a plate near milk. Whaaaaaaa…

I like the idea, but it looks like the actual phrase “Let the cookie win” is not on the shirt. If it were, I’d buy it in an instant. Without it, I don’t think anyone would get the connection.

heh, you said ‘beat off’


O.o someone 'splain this shirt plz, not that i object to cookies in general

i dont get it …

(what are those white blocky belts?)

cookie/wookie eh not that cleaver IMO… D: didnt get it at first.

i really don’t understand this
another $10 in the wallet to blow on useless stuff…