Let There Be Light!

Why are these taking so long to ship? Did anyone get an email that theirs was shipped yet?

The sale noted that these would ship out in 5-7 business days - basically, after the sale ends. Today is the 7th day so it should be going out very soon.

Seems like a pretty important fact (after the sale ends) that should have been included in the “updated” wine.woot FAQ…

it does

Your Wine.Woot purchase ships directly from the vendor (facilitated by the bros at Wine Country Connect). Your Wine.Woot order will ship in 3-5 days business days after a daily sale or 5-7 business days for purchases from Woot Plus events. Wine Country Connect helps wineries get your wine to you in the best condition possible. You should have your wine in 2-3 weeks from the time you order, often sooner. To protect your wine, Wine Country Connect may select to delay or choose faster shipping. See more in the next section.

That does not say after the end of the sale. It says 5-7 days from purchase.

It covers the time in almost all cases since the events run about 5 days.

It’s now July 3rd and still no word on shipping.

Finally got the shipping notice, label created notice really. I will pay attention and read everything if I ever order from wine woot again. Maybe pa will let me but wine someday! Sorry for my somewhat impatience.

ordered mine 6/18, arrived today, 7/9…nicely packed but…!