Lets All Go To The Lobby

Finally! Love this so much.

For some reason this makes me want to sing “Take me out to the ball game!”

One of each please :slight_smile:

memes! I love you since I was a little kid!

I want this! But not on slate! I’m sick of slate in my closet.

Makes me want to hang a speaker from my car window…

So is Candy’s sour face from a surreptious sip or an opportunistic bite?

Back of the line again. I’m gonna miss the coming attractions. At least I’ll have fresh popcorn!

I say bite. Candy looks like it’s suffering a brain freeze.

Why is candy freaking out?

I’m just going to leave this here. NSFW warning BTW.


If the candy had been “normal” I would have jumped on this, just for the nostalgia quotient.

YES I remember this stuff :smiley:

BWAHAHAHAHAHA…very NSFW but pretty epic. Yes! LOL

I love this video!and I’m glad to see there is some late night cartoon fans on this site.

I like leaving things to open interpretation, but I kinda had the after thought that the cup was a jerk like Master Shake and was giving ol’ candy box a swift elbow to knock him out of line. Thanks for the comments and support folks!

Love it! Wish Woot shirtts came in baseball or long sleeves. If they did, I would have many!

Yeah, I just don’t get the candy’s expression. If it said something like “Sour Candy” on the box or had a bit more of a reason for it to have the weird face, I’d also be fine with it. But as is, it’s kind of a deal breaker.

Syntax failure! There should NOT be a comma in that caption. Says who? Says this professional editor with 35 years experience.

Too bad. I was going to buy the shirt until I saw that, but the error would drive me nuts.

Thanks for the feedback.