Let's Get Cooking!

Cast iron without a need to season it is definitely a plus. Any idea what size the Grill Pan is? And, just to verify, since it is coated that means it is dishwasher safe, right?

All I have to say is that I do a dead-on Wolfgang Puck impression. Sometimes I’ll pull into a drive through and order in his voice.

“I vant a dubba gheesebugger un a laaage order uv vries. No beverage!”

does anyone know if the dutch oven is round or oval?

The overhead shot of the dutch oven shows it is most probably round.

I just can’t believe we aren’t getting a size on the grill pan. All the other items have dimensions listed, even the sets. Yes, it matters.

Word around here is that it is round.

Sorry about that. It is a 10" pan.

Thank you! :slight_smile: I ordered two.

3 qts? Seriously? That’s not large enough to do a decent sized roast, brisket, or Boston Butt! sadness