Let's Go Golfing

Buyer Beware! If you belong to, or play at, a regular golf club, you might want to double check with them before buying these shoes.

As mentioned in a prior golf shoe post a few weeks ago, some courses are starting to ban the Adizero Tour golf shoe due to the spike design. These spikes are raised up above the sole of the shoe and can cause major damage to greens.

Be sure to consult your course, otherwise you might end up with a new $50 paperweight

Can a staff member tell me if the ladies killer whale LH driver is actually left handed. I ordered one last month and got a right handed one. I need a lefty for my granddaughter.

I’m reassured it is LH, but can you please post back here if you get a RH? That’s definitely something we can investigate with our vendor.

Thanks for the reply. I’ll be ordering one.

hey agingdragqueen
I just received the ladies LH killer whale golf club and guess what? IT IS RIGHT HANDED! I guess you better check with your vendor and see what happened.