Let's Kick Some ASUS

Did this deal the last time round and got a zenbook. Deal said it came with win8, came with win7 (which is a plus for me). Did not come with cdkey on device, but I used a program to recover the win7 registration code.

During reinstall I realized that the win7sp1 image does not have native usb 3.0 drivers, so if you find yourself in this position, you can add the drivers to your bootable usb via this tutorial which lets you install win7 if you don’t have a dvd drive or usb2.0 port.

Also, since this is a refurb I noticed half the drive was already taken up. Before my reformat I used recuva and recovered a bunch of photos and email info from previous owner “jennifer”, who apparently worked for a conservative PAC. Yikes.

Anyone know if the screen is any good for photo editing? Can it be calibrated? Thanks.

I have this unit. A quad core is great for photo editing. However, you cannot add RAM to this making it a wash for heavy Photoshop work.

Laptop LEDs already have accurate color unlike old CRTs. You need to pick the correct profile in Photoshop settings. sRGB is good for most purposes and matches the screen to print.

The hardest part would be to duplicate the blacks on this LED as it is a budget display at 1366 x 768. You would need to specify CMYK in the software instead of RGB and pick 80% C, 80% M, 80% Y, 80% K.

To sum up, if you’re using digital press don’t need to really calibrate just follow the color profile.

Received this within 3 days of the order, I’m impressed. In fact, received it before I got the email that it was shipped. {grin} It came in a plain brown box in an air cushioned wrap. Laptop and power adapter - nothing else; both pristine, no fingerprints or smudges.
Oh … and one interesting sheet of paper, an Asus “Quick Start Guide.” Looks like a print of a PDF, includes ‘links’ that are 100% useless; tapping underlined text on a piece of papers doesn’t do anything! There was not a corresponding PDF on the HD. In fact, the primary information on this paper was: “To protect any potential customer data, your hard drive was completely wiped during the refurbishment process. This process includes wiping the recovery partition. As such, the Asus recovery disk creation process no longer works.”
I must say I’m not happy that the recovery partition was wiped. There are two (of the 4 defined GPT partitions) marked ‘recovery,’ one 900 MB and the other 20 GB. Both are shown at 100% free by Disk Manager.
Another interesting point: System, Properties lists phone number for support as “Microsoft Signature 1-877-xxx-xxxx.” Microsoft Signature PCs are premium PCs which have been ‘cleaned’ of all manufacturer crapware. Indeed, there are only 4 Asus-branded programs whereas a usual Asus has 20+.
My guess is the Windows 8.1 ‘reset’ (Return to Factory Settings) may not work. Thankfully, there is still a way to Image the HD built-in to Windows 8.1, though it’s somewhat hidden.
We have a Microsoft store nearby, I’m going to take it in and ask if the 20 GB ‘recovery’ partition can be deleted and the space recovered.