Let's play a game "what if..."


What if rules were made to be broken?


What if we genetically engineered taller horses?



What if the horse still ran faster than us?


What if the horse is Mr. Ed and he argued with you wanting to race him?


What if Mr Ed was actually a Mule?


What if the mule was named Francis?


What if all but one the Woot forum moderators and a few staff were let go?


What if that resulted in no letters being added to boxes of cra*p?


what if your knees bent the other direction - what would chairs look like then?

Edit:(where is Time Truck when we need him)


What if I was in surgery for hours because my knees bent backwards?


What if they paid you hundreds of pennies to perform that surgery?


What if I invested those hundreds of pennies and now have over twelve dollars?


What if you took that $12+ and spent all of it on purple bubblegum?


What if you used lots of purple bubblegum and some helium to make a giant balloon?


what if your voice got deeper instead of higher when inhaling the helium?


What if your deep voice caused a slow motion earthquake?


What if the earthquake make your goldfish bowl broken?


What if fried goldfish is the only food after the earthquake?


What if the fried goldfish are too expensive?


what if there is no tomorrow