Let's play a game "what if..."


What if I just turned up the thermostat cause it is freezing outside?


What if your wife is having a hot flash and she threatens you with a baseball bat if you touch the thermostat?


What if the thermostat is actually your wife?


What if it keeps raining every day and never seems to stop?


What if we can’t find a hammer to build an ark?


What if we can’t find the unicorns to go on the ark?


What if we accidentally take a gelding instead of a Philly?


What if you volunteer to check all animals entering the ark?


what if we just all just go on a cruise?


What if I eat too much on this cruise?


What if you got sick and fell overboard from eating too much? :frowning:


What if a ship came and rescued me?


What if that rescue ship was headed for Fiji to stay?


What if I questioned the term “rescue” if it was going to take me to Fiji?


What if woot doesn’t ship to Fiji?


What if they did but you had to pay extra for it?


What if I refuse to pay extra?


How would you receive it if you refused to pay for it?


What if I left a strongly-worded comment to TT in the forums?


What if she started ignoring the forums?