Let's play a game "what if..."


What if I read these comments?


What if, in addition to reading the comments, ThunderThighs and the other mods regularly participated in these games with us?


What if they all participated in the games so much that Woot came to a screeching halt because the website crashed?


What if that caused woot to update their servers from the Commodore 64s that they are currently using?


what if that is really true??


What if nothing is true?


What if the truth became illegal?


What if illegality became frowned upon?


What if you frowned every time you were happy?


What if frowning causes more facial wrinkles than smiling?


What if more facial wrinkles decreased forehead wrinkles?


What if my forehead wrinkles fought with my facial wrinkles?


What if the forehead wrinkles stopped fighting with the facial wrinkles and they went out together for pretzels and beer?


What if the pretzels make me thirsty?


what if there is no beer to quench your pretzel thirst??


What if we make a beer run?


What if we run for the beer but can’t find any?


What if we found some, but due to Blue Laws, the beer couldn’t be sold?


What if I didn’t live in a state with ‘Blue Laws’?


I party like there is no tomorrow!!