Let's play a game "what if..."


what if, a long, long time ago. i had a shitty pinto?


what if I inquired if there were any other type of pinto?


What if we ate too many pinto beans?


what if we ran out of toilet paper after you ate all the beans?


What if I used an old Montgomery Wards catalog for toilet paper?


What if you didn’t have any A&D adult diaper rash cream?


What if I preferred to use 90 weight gear oil?


what if i hope i never have to use any of this stuff?


What if your gear box needed more oil?


What if I used weight gear oil to fry a turkey?


What if it worked better than peanut oil?


what if your fried turkey just made everyone puke?


Who would clean up that mess?


What if we got one of those robotic vacuum cleaners to do that?


What if the robotic vacuum cleaner decided to take over the world instead?


What if a robot can’t function in a vacuum?


What if this robot also does dishes & brings you beer?


What if the dishes the robot washed still had old pretzels stuck on them?


What if we find out who didn’t eat all of their pretzels?


What if we took the one who didn’t eat all of their pretzels and made them write “I will not waste my food” 500 times?