Let's play a game "what if..."


what if, i just socked you all in the head instead?


What if I was wearing socks on my head?


What if the socks I was wearing on my head were bummed out because they wanted to be on my hands?


what if your socks just wanted to be put on your feet?


What if I ignored what my clothing wanted?


What if I ignored what my clothing wanted for so long that it got sick and came down with a severe case of Ring Around the Collar?


What if I donated the sick clothes & bought new?


What if they reject the sick clothes you want to donate?


What if I developed the cure for sick clothes?


what if we just wash the sick clothes with bleach and hot water?


What if we run out of hot water?


What if I had to take a cold shower because the hot water heater is broken?


What if the hot water heater cost too much to replace?


What if you get one on sale at woot?


What if we cant find someone how knows how to install the model we bought on sale at woot?


What if you just ask one of the woot mods, like TT, for installation instructions?


What if we need an official technician to install it for warrantee purposes, but we can’t find one?


What if we had to take cold showers until an official technician showed up?


What if we looked at how we removed the old one, put the new one in ourselves, and realized it was very easy?


What if we finished in time to make it to Happy Hour?