Let's play a game "what if..."


What if you buy the drinks?


What if somebody paid for all of the drinks using monopoly money?


What if the bartender gave us change in real money?


What if the real money was Chinese Yen?


What if the Chinese yen got dropped into a pitcher of beer?


Would that make it worth more?


(The yen or the beer? lol)

What if both the yen and the beer were worth more?


What if it is Chinese Beer?


what if their was a reality show starring Targeted Individuals?


What if I told you that is the premise of Cops, America’s Most Wanted and Unsolved Mysteries?


what if, i told that i want some key lime pie?? cause it is damn delicious. or homemade salty french fries. yummm…


What if we dip the fries in the pie?


What if we scratch the pie & get a bacon cheeseburger with those fries?


What if we added a chocolate malt to that order?


What if I have to go buy some stretchy pants?


What if you bought them on woot?


What if there were hassle free returns in case they didn’t fit?


What if they fit when you ordered; but did not fit when you received?


What if you just wait until they fit again?


What if you sell them to someone else instead?