Let's play a game "what if..."


What if their check bounced?


What if you tarred and feathered the check bouncer?


What if they were out of tar and feathers at the store?


What if the store was boycotted because it stocked such items?


What if there was no place else to buy tar?


What if we use Syrup instead of Tar?


What if we also use marshmallows instead of the feathers?


What if we use sparrow feathers or do they have to be chicken or duck feathers?


What if we used dinosaur feathers?


What if the dinosaur feather were still in resin; would that take care of the tar and the feathers?


What if the resin did not fly as well as the tar and feathers?


What if you shaped it into a ball and a pitcher threw it?


What if someone hit it with a stick?


What if some one said it was a homerun?


What if we won the game?


what if the game is rigged?


what if we don’t tell anyone?


What if we forgot what it was we were not supposed to tell people about?


What if everyone already knew?


What if everybody already knew but you?