Let's Social Network


It’s tough making friends sometimes. It seems especially tough for a new guy to the wonderful world of Woot! to get the lay of the land and make friends. I created this thread so people could share links to their blogs / facebook / twitter / whatever accounts and become friends. I figured, to make yourself sound more interesting, and make people want to visit these sites of yours, you could share something you bet people didn’t know about you in your response.

For instance, my sketchbook blog and facebook account are located below… and I bet you didn’t know that I brew my own beer.

I hope this thread goes well.


Some of the wine people brew beer. You can talk about it on world of woot wine.

We all just play here, if there is anyone around.
So if you are bored, come visit!


What she means is, we already do most of what you propose via PWA. Hang in and get to know us; those who wanna go extra-social will connect when they’re comfortable doing so.

We are “bubba-averse.”


:slight_smile: I agree with the G’man - please come and post and chat in the PWA thread, which is where some of us chat most every day. We need new blood, I mean conversation!


Yes yes! Keep playing in PWA (saw you chatted with poof tonight)!!! My blog is linked at the top of my signature (my insanity)

Hmm really I’m more secretive on facebook than I am here… LOL


Thanks for the advice folks! I’ll ditch this thread and chat with you guys in the PWA thread. I had no idea what that thread was before. Thanks!


i am a 12 yo girl looking for companionship with an older man


No he isn’t

We aren’t sure what he is, but he isn’t a 12 year old girl.

How do we know?

Because he typed too good to be 8 when he started here.

Play nice with the new people!



(post whore is anyone with 1,000 or more posts)


i think it would be a mistake to estimate age here based on typing skill.




BWAHAHA! “Hi there, I’m Chris Hanson… Just take a seat right there please.” WHY DO THEY ALWAYS SIT DOWN?!


You know what is even worse?

I went to a secretarial high school.
I was in the maybe I’ll go to college classes, not strictly secretarial, but still, I had 4, yes 4, years of typing.


You just try to say so much in one post that your fingers get confused.