Let's Stump Ben - The Shirt.Woot Contest/Game! Ends Thu 7/15/2021 [ENDED]


Let’s see what Ben can do. Excel has spoken and here’s your challenge.

@benwyeth: You have until tomorrow (12/4) @ about noon CT to complete your task.

Post # (Permalink) Winner Word
249 @Wooter257161963 Hydromancy
557 @Wooter148598481 Melon
387 @sigp226 Excel
194 @Wooter334918971 Seltzer
54 @hldostersood Splinter

Winners: I had to leave town earlier this week for a family emergency. I’ll be on the road all day tomorrow so I won’t be able to get your coupons to you until Monday. I apologize for the delay.


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Sorry to hear you had a family emergency, TT. I hope everything with everyone will be okay. Wishing you safe travel home!!



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Challenge ACCEPTED! Also, I’m going to try using a new format for my answer today so that you guys can see actual previews of the shirts, and not just green hyperlinks. Leave a comment below to let me know whether you like the new way or the old way better. Onward.

Hydromancy by @Wooter257161963

Definition- Divination by the appearance or motion of liquids (such as water).

This one had me sweating for a bit as I searched my brain and the shirt catalog for a shirt that would work. I found a couple of great options that combined water and magic, but not one that dealt with the act of LOOKING at water, which is an essential step in scrying or hydromancy. But then I stumbled upon a design that, with a clever twist in perspective, fit in so PERFECTLY that I literally LOL’d. See, I was looking for a design that showed someone or something in the ACT of hydromancy. But the design below isn’t about the hydromancer, it’s about the WATER!!! How PERFECT is that?! Anyway, if I was water and some weird magical being was always staring at me to analyze me or try and read the future or whatever, I’d probably feel the same as the water on this shirt by @ncowick:

Melon by @Wooter148598481

Definition- Any of various typically sweet gourds, usually eaten raw as fruits.

We have some great designs about melons. Like this cute one (with cats!) from @TaylorRoss1:

Or this funny wordplay one by @benjaminleebates:

But for better or worse, the design that will ALWAYS AND FOREVER come to mind first when I think of melon shirts is this…erm… ‘unique’ one by @fishbiscuit5:

Excel by @sigp226

Definition- To be superior to; surpass in accomplishment. OR a spreadsheet program from Microsoft.

For this one, I had a hard time choosing between the dictionary definition of excel and the software program. So I chose both. Here’s one of my favorite designs about being the BEST by Danielle Podeszek (@dfurman):

And here’s one about Microsoft Excel from @jackmalster:

Seltzer by @Wooter334918971

Definition- Artificially carbonated water.

This one was easy. Also, I’m pretty sure this design by @coddesigns is the ONLY design we have that is explicitly about seltzer:

Splinter by @hldostersood

Definition- A thin piece split or broken off lengthwise. OR the rat mentor in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’.

This last one is another word where I waffled a bit on whether to choose the dictionary definition or the pop culture reference. So i just went with both again. Here’s one by @tshirtscribble that shows a bunch of splintered glass:

And here’s one about Master Splinter from @djkopet:

And that’s all for this special BIRTHDAY round! Thanks for playing and better luck next time! Enjoy your cake, winners!

PS- Don’t forget to let us know how you feel about the new answer format! Do you guys like the shirt previews? Or do you miss the old way?


New format. 1 vote.


New format is an obvious yes. Part of the excitement of revealing the winners are the gems u pull out!


The new format is way better. I would get lost in all the text of the old version but this new way of doing it is much easier to follow.


The new way is very nice!.


I like the old way for everything.

Telephones with a dial
Cars you could repair yourself
TVs you could repair yourself
Using a church key to open a beer can
The Old Woot


You can still use a church key to open a beer in a can.


New is nicer. :slight_smile:

But why won’t you ever pick me???

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Umm… by tomorrow do you mean in half a year? :slight_smile:


Ben aced it!


I like the new format

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Yes, the new way is very nice. :+1:

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Hey, all. This contest is over so entries are no longer valid. Better luck next time. :slight_smile:

(Please note: I don’t work for Woot, I just volunteer to help out here on the forums.)