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Just a word of warning on the Garmin refurbs. I purchased two of the 5" models the last time they were offered. One was fine, but the other arrived with a large scratch on the screen.

I emailed back and forth with Garmin receiving one ridiculous excuse after another. Ultimately, they settled on the line that the units I received weren’t refurbished by Garmin and weren’t their responsibility. Their claim was that only select outlets are permitted/allowed to sell their refurbs and Woot isn’t one of those privileged few.

I refuted that last claim by sending them a photo of the white, Garmin refurb box the unit was shipped in; but I never heard anything further. Had to return the unit through Woot.

Regarding “Beltronics RX65-RED Professional Series Radar Detector with Red Display” –

Noted “Shipping Note: Eligible for shipping to all 50 states” in product description. O RLY? I had occasion to drive from NC to VA recently, and was amused to note that crossing the border had VA state billboards reading “speed monitored by radar” and, immediately afterward, “radar detectors strictly prohibited”. If you order one in VA, do you end up on some sort of list?

re: Bazooka BTA8100 BT Series 8" 100 Watt Amplified Tube Subwoofer

Does this come with the installation kit? Amazon has this as well and it states it comes with or without the kit. Just curious if I’ll have to purchase something else to install this.

According to Bazooka, this does not include the installation kit.

On Amazon, the model number changes in the Product Information Technical Details if you choose the one with the installation kit.

There is no law preventing you from ordering one to VA, only a law that prohibits you from actually using one.

re: the Garmin – can you get lifetime maps for UK and continental Europe – or only North America?

I’d suggest contacting Garmin to find out which updates are available for this model.

Thanks I was about to take a flyer on one of those.

Happy Easter

Its on Amazon for $49.95