Leupold Ventana Angled Spotting Scope

Here are a few good reviews

I spy with my little Leupold Ventana SX-1 15-45x60mm Angled Spotting Scope an undiscovered species of brilliant red bird.

Oh, wait, never mind, apparently that’s a red angry birds plush perched in my neighbors window…oops!

Quite a few comments from when this was offered in March

Very good reviews (4.8 out of 5.0) over at opticsplanet.com

About $45 less than anywhere I could find it doing a quick Google Shopping search and $69 cheaper here than a store I’ve purchased from and recognize from the list. I think I am going to be in for one.

Official Product Page:

Thumbs up for Mulitcoat 4. Killer quality at this price.

So basically there are quite a few bird brains that would purchase this. At first glance, I thought it was a high tech scope you could mount on a gun for bird shooting (could make a Turkey an easy shot), but nooo, it for watching birds? :stuck_out_tongue:



I will say, as a bird biologist, that an angled spotting scope is great, much better than straight, and a lot more comfortable to use if you have a tripod. Also, one of these with a cheap digital camera and camera mount that goes on the eyepiece makes a great telephoto camera for a fraction of the cost of an SLR lens.

I am trying to understand this line in the description section – “By definition, Synergy Built optics are greater than their individual parts.”

So you shoot turkeys with a sniper rifle???

Is there any other way?!

From what I’ve heard, if the name is Leupold, then it’s made in the USA.

I bought the Redfield deal: http://sport.woot.com/offers/redfield-20-60x80mm-spotting-scope-1

a few weeks ago at this same price. Redfield is now made by Leupold and also carries a lifetime warranty. The Redfield came with compact tripod and 2 cases. It also is a max of 60X and has a larger field of view 80mm. If Woot is true to form they will have the Redfield again someday before too long, but this Leupold is also a very good deal.

Great Woot, in for 2!

management/marketing gobidly gook. “we put our engineers in the same building so they talk to each other” rather than just tossing things over the wall and hope specs/requirements are sufficient to make it work.

It’s a pun. Synergy is defined as “The interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.”

If you’re shopping on a budget, pay for quality glass before magnification. It’s better to have a crisp, clear image at 45x than it is to have a dark, mushy image and 60x magnification.

It’s a bit of shame to be buying a Leupold (Loo-Pold, if you didn’t know already) product made in China but that’s the current state of things. I’m in for one because it’s too good a deal to pass up.

A 2.3 degree real field of view at 15X magnification is unimpressive.

This gives an apparent field of view of 34.5 degrees – i.e., there is a relatively narrow viewing circle (standard binocular eyepieces give 45 degrees or more).

At 45X magnification, the apparent field of view is a more respectable 54 degrees, but if you’re using it hand-held, you won’t be able to get more than 15X before the shaking kills the view.

“Tripod and Digital Camera Compatible”

How do I attach the camera?