Levana Safe N' See Advanced 3.5-inch Video Monitor

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OK reviews ( 3 out of 5 stars) over at toysrus.com


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Let’s learn how to pair this guy

I bought it and it didnt work at all, so i returned it, then i bought the same model from somewhere else, it worked for 4 hours, the camera stopped transmiting, i sent it in for service, now waiting.

Where is the internet access, Hello!!! Most of the good cameras have access to skype, iphone or droid this days, in case you break your monitor or mom is outside and want to see her baby is the best option possible, It’s a shame you guys don’t have this function, the product become worthless for many. Thanks

See DEMON BABY in first video at 0:57!!!

I bought this about a year and a half ago (for around $90 I believe) because our daughter was getting her own room… downstairs and on the other end of the house. This works well for what I wanted. The night vision isn’t bad, I like the adjusting levels of sound notification, the battery lasts a far amount when not staying plugged in, the talk function (freaked her out the first time of course but it comes in handy), and it doesn’t lose signal even though it’s a fair distance away with walls, floors, ducts, wiring, etc… all in the way. Now what I don’t like… it has a music function on it that could be great, IF it didn’t always come through the monitor as well. You can adjust the sound notification but more often then not when you had the music playing it would trigger the monitor. We ended up buying a separate sound machine though. Overall I am pleased with the product…

We got one of these last summer/fall? We have the camera in our chicken coop. It’s awesome. We can watch them like an aquarium and see if we need to go out and collect eggs. I’ve never been entirely certain that the night vision works tho’…

This is the same price as the levana website. How is this a deal?

edit: It’s on sale on the levana website as well, which still, how is this a deal?

I bought a Levana Product similar to this one several months ago. The unit never worked 100% correctly. The screen would show the image, then turn black every few seconds. After about 45 days the unit died. The power adapter just fell apart, and the power plug on the monitor broke and we we’re not rough on the product by any means. I would not recommend the purchase of this product.

I see it on their site for $159.99 & out of stock, do you have a link to the deal you’re referring to?