Level Mount TV Mounts & More

Colored LEDs and mounts…perfect for the touchscreen jukebox I’m building

How high does the Level Mount ELDM200 Pan & Tilt Deskop Mount For 10-32" TVs raise the TV up?

A quick google search suggests that the Level Mount PWTLT-08 Power Tilt Mount for 37-85" TVs is really for 37-65" TVs.

We checked with the manufacturer. It’s been re-spec’d to 85". Our information is correct.

It’s 24" high. Good question.

Any chance of getting a video of operation from the manufacturer?

“Level Mount PWTLT-08 Power Tilt Mount for 37-85” TVs"
Ordered it yesterday and it already arrived. Fastest shipping I’ve ever seen from a woot order.

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Don’t get people’s hopes up!

Received my DC37LP today (only 2 days after ordering). The woot description says TVs up to 47". The papers for in the box say up to 37".
Bought to go with my new 40" Philips smart TV from meh. Haven’t offered it up to the set to see if it fits yet…

Nope. the adapter plates(not the nifty x looking bit in the pic, but book sized plates) cover the backside inputs…

nevermind… rotate plates 90 degrees, works wunderbar.

Uh, I just received a second one from fedex today? wtf? The first one I received is different from the one I go today. Do I owe anybody anything?