Level Mount TV Mounts

I don’t know about the other mounts on this page, but the Level Mount DC65ADLP is HALF THE PRICE here (even with shipping ends up $10 less expensive).

One left. $19.49 shipping.

so if the seller on amazon had 1000 units instead of one it would matter more?

Yes, actually. Think about clearance sales and the like. If there is one left there is a better chance that that is not an ongoing price but an attempt to reclaim space.

Yes. If you click on New on Amazon to see other retailer prices, the next prices in line were at or above the price we were charging. We can’t match every small retailer (even if they sell on Amazon) but we do try to offer a fair price.

I see better deals on TV mounts on Amazon, got a Cheetah mount for $25 shipped for my 40" and 55" :smiley: