Level Up Gamer!

There’s nowhere else to go but— :slight_smile:

No quality write up yet? WHAT? Somebody help fix that…

(Did the write up person oversleep or something? I always look forward to reading it…)

Nice clean design. Gratz on the print.

Great Design. Would get this if it was on a women’s tank top! Need more women’s tank tops, too many t shirts, it is summer!!

[pedant] The shirt says “Level Up!” but then features icons from Super Mario Bros which does not feature characters leveling up. [/pedant]

Well, there are levels in the game.

I think it’s referring to when you unlock the mushroom and when Mario absorbs it, it makes him bigger, therefore, “leveling up” in size.

far to phallic for my liking…
My friends would never let me hear the end of it…