Leveling Up

Nice touch with the steaming mug!

No wooters with opinions or thoughts about shirts? Say it’s not so!!!

Must get the energy boost first!

Well…they are the color of pea soup, if that’s any help.

Nope, just not nerdy enough for this shirt. But getting there…

OK, can anyone read what the pencil and sticky tab say? Will they be legible on the print?

Thanks a lot everyone!!

The pencil says “Sword of Wisdom” and the sticky tab says “Save Point”

Both should be legibile on print.

Really cool shirt, hideous color (at least on me) will have to pass unless they do a reprint on a wearable color.

3 of the last 4 I bought arrived with holes in them. That’s probably not the kind of comment you were fishing for, though.

I’m not nerdy enough to be sure, but is this a D&D shirt I need to buy for my son-in-law?

I like it but I don’t get it; therefore, I won’t get it.

No kids size 6 or 8!

One of the reasons I used to buy shirts here all the time is that me and the little guy could wear matching shirts.

Good stuff, kev. I was rooting for this one!

I’m usually the one thinking this, and wishing for olive green.

Chacun à son goût, eh?

While most of the artistry displayed by shirt.woot entries is great and sometimes brilliant, the content and originality are often lacking. In numerous cases the content appeals to a tiny subset of people who love certain obscurities,

hence you get sales of a couple hundred shirts. Many of us have been buying here since day one and there is some buyer fatigue and anger over quality issues, but the prevalence of meh designs is your real problem.

What wootvan said…

Plus, Woot Shirts seems to go out of their way to not print white shirts. It would be nice to get a few for the summer. Some of us actually do go outside…

Just remember to use sunscreen…