Levi's Men's Footwear

pretty sure those are the dumbest looking shoes I’ve ever laid eyes on…and that includes those horrible wooden Dutch shoes!

While these resemble Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars, they do NOT fit the same. They use standard sizing.

(Chucks run large)

For example, I’m generally a 10.5 in Converse. 11 in almost every other sport shoe. 10 in Doc Marten’s.

I need an 11 in these. Just to help people with sizing…

Had to chime in here. Owned a pair of Levi’s shoes once and they were garbage. Fell apart after a couple weeks. Spend another 20 and get some Chucks.

Chucks are garbage now, too. They don’t make 'em like they used to.

I bought two pairs of the Stans last year. They started to fall apart within weeks – seams came loose, eyelets detached from the shoes.

Just got mine. They run ridiculously large and one of the metal eyelets wasn’t even attached properly. I don’t imagine they would have been particularly comfortable, anyway. Kinda a let down. I hope I can get a return for a defective product.

edit: Return accepted, I think. So that’s nice, at least. Could be that my pair had been returned to a warehouse by someone else after some actual wear, because there was some scuffing on the rubber too. The shoes are still quite large. Order a size down if you still want these shoes.

Thanks, guys. I couldn’t find the button to say thanks for your posts, but those were some good info. I feel bad about myself every time I buy manufacturer reject shoes at woot.