Levi's Men's Leather Jacket

**Item: **Levi’s Men’s Leather Jacket
Price: $114.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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9/23/2013 - $114.99 - 19 comment(s)

only 1 style

Does not include cigarettes, hair gel, or 2nd style.

wth happened to the first picture and 2nd style. oops

Made in China so you know the MSRP of $500 is absolutely worth every cent.

It has a cheesy nylon hood on a leather jacket? Oh the sadness that befalls all those that wish to be Fonz or the King…

Leather Hoodie Jacket, Leather Hoodie Jacket, Leather Hoodie Jacket…

That will get you shot in some quarters…

That is one seriously ugly jacket. I don’t even think hipsters could wear this ironically.

I agree…a $500 (msrp) leather jacket with a hood? C’mon, this should even be below “the new Invicta network,” Woot.