Leviton 6630-W SureSlide Fan Control and Dimmer

Description does not say if it is LED compatible dimmer. Is It compatible with LED lights? It looks like it is an old style (not LED compatible) as it supports up to 300-Watts. Unless some one can state to the contrary I would say this item is not a CFL or LED compatible dimmer.

I would agree that this is not compatible with LED bulbs…I did a bunch of research on this earlier this year and couldn’t find a combination LED dimmer and fan controller - I ended up converting to double gang boxes and have a separate dimmer and fan controller in four rooms in my house.

I use combination fan speed/dimmer switches in all 5 bedrooms and don’t have any issues dimming the lights or controlling fan speeds. Bulbs were from Costco, all labeled Dimmable.

All dimmers, including this one, are compatible with LED and CFL bulbs IF the bulbs themselves are rated “dimmable” by the bulb manufacturer. ALL bulbs that are controlled by the dimmer must be “dimmable” LED or CFL bulbs.

Agreed. It’s not the dimmers that need to be rated. The bulbs need to have the onboard electronics to support dimming. I have over a dozen LED bulbs marked as “dimmable” running through several models and brands of dimmers including a dimmer that is over 15 years old before dimmable LED and CFL bulbs were available. Not a single issue.