Leviton Dimmers: Leviton & Levitoff

I don’t think I have any incandescent overhead lights left. CFLs are cheap now, and I hate having to climb on a ladder to change bulbs.

Great Prices, Home Dept is no where near these prices!

Are these CFL compatible? My house has incandescent dimmers which cause flicker in CFL’s and LED’s at anything but full “on”

I have a switch-controlled blower that circulates heat from behind my prefab wood fireplace.

Would these dimmers be appropriate for controlling the fan speed?

These are not CFL or LED compatible, they sell them but twice the price

These are not CFL or LED compatible, they sell them but twice the price

I bought the four level 500 Watt dimmer a month ago on Woot for the same price. They work great. Installed them to control my dimmable LED recessed lighting.

That’s not true. The Leviton 6615-P0W is an Electronic Low Voltage (ELV) dimmer. This is actually one of the more expensive dimmer types and is preferred for dimmable screw-in CFLs and LEDs.

However, it’s important to note that this type of dimmer requires a connection to a neutral wire. Older homes often don’t have a neutral wire present at switch locations so you should check before ordering.

Leviton’s datasheet specifically lists it as being compatible with dimmable electronic fluorescent ballasts and CFLs:
Leviton 6615-POW Product Specification and Data Sheet

Here’s an article by Liton which specifically lists this dimmer as being compatible with dimmable LEDs:
Dimming Facts for LED Products

And here are the installation instructions which note the neutral wire connection requirement:
Leviton 6615-POW Installation Instructions